The Great War

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Rebellion in Hell

This postcard has a short satire entitled "Rebellion in Hell," which is on the rejection of the kaiser from hell.

Text on postcard:

Big sparks flew from old Satan's eyes. "What's this I hear", said he. "They say that when the kaiser dies, he'll be consigned to me. Old Hell to me is mighty dear, the place is very fine; but if they sned that guy down here, believe me I'll resign. I'll stand for murderers and crooks, and I will not disown that I now have on my books the worst thugs ever known. But my boys would get sore I fear; I know they would rebel. The kaiser cannot enter here, for he'd corrupt Hell. Our sulphur is too clean for him, our brimstone lakes too pure; and if in one he took a swim, he'd pollute it, I am sure. This red hot place is not so swell, vile beasts we won't reject; but keep the kaiser out of Hell; we have SOME self-respect."

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