The Great War

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Thoughts of You

This postcard has two insets, one of a soldier and the other of a woman. In the bottom right corner is a short poem entitled "Thinking of You (A Soldier's Love Song.)". Text at top: "Thoughts of You". Text at bottom right: "Bamforth Copyright Words by permission of J. B. Cramer & Co., LTD., New Bond St., London. W." On reverse: "No. 37. Affectionate Soldier Greetings"; "Bamforth & Co., 96 Warren St., New York."; handwritten message.

Text on postcard:

Thinking of You (A Soldier's Love Song) I am thinking of you as I sit here alone, Dreaming of you when the daylight has flown; Ever before me your dear face I see, And I know, little girl, you are thinking of me.

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