The Great War

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The Old-Fashioned Cottage (1)

This postcard is a color-tinted photo of a man sitting in the green brush. At the bottom of the card is a short, sentimental poem entitled "The Old-Fashioned Cottage (1)". Text at bottom right: "By Arrangement with Messrs. Francis, Day and Hunter, The Publishers of the Music."; "Bamforth (Copyright)". On reverse: "Bamforth and Co. LTD, Publishers Holmfirth (England) and New York."

Text on postcard:

Oft at times at night I lay with my thoughts so far away, Where in childhood's days I never thought to roam, And my fancy takes me back far across the ocean's track, To that sacred spot to me, that dear old home. And I see in visions clear that old cottage ever dear, And my lips have murmured "Mother," and I seem To be back again at home, and no longer have to roam, And I scarce believe that I have only dreamed.

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