The Great War

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Goodbye, Little Girl, Goodbye

This postcard has a black and white picture of a soldier and a woman standing in front of a large "G" and a house. Beneath the picture is a poem entitled "Goodbye, Little Girl, Goodbye", in which a soldier says goodbye to his girl and that he will be coming back to her in his uniform of blue. There is also a handwritten message on the front of the card. On reverse: handwritten message; "Living Picture Series"; "H.G.L. Copyright".

Text on postcard:

Goodbye, little girl, goodbye, Goodbye, little girl, goodbye, Just let me wear this rose so fair, For I'm marching away to be a soldier. Don't cry little girl,don't cry, Bye and bye, little girl, bye and bye, In my univorm of blue, I'll come marching back to you, Goodbye, little girl, goodbye.

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