The Great War

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Scenes That Are Brightest

This postcard is a color illustration of a woman leaning her head on her hands. There is a party in the background and an inset of her with a soldier in the foreground. Beneath the picture is a short poem entitle "Scenes that are Brightest.(1)" It laments that scenes which are brightest only charm for a while when there is no one to love. Text at bottom left: "Bamforth copyright." On reverse: "Bamforth & Co., LTD., Publishers Holmfirth (England) and New York"; "'SONGS' Series No. 4958/1";"Printed in England".

Text on postcard:

Scenes that are brightest may char awhile, Hearts which are lightest, an eyes that may smile; Yet o'er them above us, though nature beam, With none to love us, how sad they seem! With none to love us, how sad they seem!

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