The Great War

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Write A Line

This postcard has a poem by Mary E. Whitney of Royalton, VT. It is entitled "Write A Line" and, as indicated on the card, should be sung to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne." On reverse: "Pub. By Miss Mary E. Whitney, Royalton, Vt."

Text on postcard:

Should all our soldiers be forgot Because they're far away? They need the more our loving thought Somewhere in France to-day. Then write a line to your dear boy Be sure to mail it too; Somewhere in France 'twill bring him joy, To hear from home and you. You'll write him all the cheering news Of friends that come and go; And send him often kodak views Of scenes that he will know. Should morrrow's battlefield so grim, Demand his brave young life, You'll never regret you've written him, Amid the fearful strife

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