The Great War

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Westward Hoe!

This postcard has a poem about fighting the Germans by L. Byrd Mock entitled "Westward Hoe!" Beside the poem is a drawing of the statue of liberty pointing two soldiers where to go. Text beneath poem: "Copyright 1917." On reverse: handwritten message.

Text on postcard:

Full three hundred years ago Was heard the slogan, "Westward Ho!" Which sent the English over seas Columbia's fertile land to seize. But when these English gentlemen, Unused to work in field or fen, Arrived amidst our pine trees tall, 'Twas found they would not hoe at all Till Smith proclaimed with courage meet, "Who does not work shall nothing eat." Then straightway all began to hoe And in the furrows seed to sow Which yielded food enough for all From our rich soil from spring to fall, With an abundant winter store, So none were hungry any more. Westward they calmly hoed their way While empires fell into decay, Producing every kind of food That could be grown for human good, And what they could not use at home They shipped away across the foam To countries far less blest than ours, Though numbered with the mighty Powers. And now these Powers are calling out To us to feed them while they rout The enemy from their loved land, So we must take a steadfast stand Against the ruthless German horde Whose actions have been so deplored; We'll arm ourselves with gun or hoe And help defeat our common foe.

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