The Great War

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40 Men From Simpson's

This postcard has a poem entitled "40 Men from Simpson's" by Herbert Kaufman. Subtitle: "(Forty Members of the Staff of Simpson's in the Strand--Waiters and Cooks--have enlisted.)" Text at top center: "Reprinted from The Standard Newspaper, Wednesday, September 9, 1914, by kind permission of the editor." Text at bottom center: "Simpson's in the Strand/The Famous Old English Dining House/Open on Sundays for Dinner from 6 p.m./Telephone Nos. - - - 4352 Gerrard and 6480 Regent./Telegrams - - - 'Simpson's, Strand, London.'" On reverse: blank.

Text on postcard:

Forty men from Simpson's! "Will you 'ave it rare? Try a bit of pudding, sir; Yes, the cheddar's fair." Forty men from Simpson's! Quitting in a group, Marching off in Khaki for To fix the Kaiser's soup. Forty men from Simpson's! "will you take it 'ot? 'Ere's your Hell served in the shell, Piping from the pot!" Forty men from Simpson's! Hurry, turn 'em loose. They're the sort we need in front To cook the German goose. Forty men from Simpson's! What a thing to read! Forty humble serving men Serving Britain's need! Forty men from Simpson's! Don't you blush with shame While they play the soldier's part And you the waiting game?

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