The Great War

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Loving Thoughts

This postcard has an inset of a soldier in the top left corner. To the right of the inset is "Loving Thoughts". Beneath the inset are two flowers, an open book, and a poem entitled "The Trail that Leads to Home". Text beneath poem: "Bamforth copyright. By kind permission of West & Co., Rathbone Place, London, W." On reverse: "© 1918 Bamforth & Co., 96 Warren St., New York."; handwritten message; uses mirror writing.

Text on postcard:

The Trail that Leads to Home There's a trail that calls me homeward night and day, In my dreams the loved ones beckon far away; Through the shadows and the sunshine some day I shall roam Down that long, long trail a-winding—the trail that leads back to home.

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