The Great War

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Farewell, Isabelle (1)

This postcard is a color drawing of a soldier and a woman standing in the doorway of a room. Outside there is a troop of soldiers. At the bottom center is a poem entitled "Farewell, Isabelle (1)." Text beneath poem: "Bamforth (Copyright)"; "Words by permission of the Lawrence Wright Music Co., B. Denmark St., W.O." On reverse: "Bamforth & Co., Ltd., Publishers Holmfirth (England) and New York, Series No. 4772/1 /Printed in England."

Text on postcard:

Hark the drums, how they beat, Isabelle, To the tramping of feet, Isabelle, So dry your eyes, sweetheart, don't cry, Wish me good luck and say good-bye. There is work to be done, Isabelle, There's a fight to be won, Isabelle, Into line I'll fall—when the bugles call Hurry up! come along! come along!

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