The Great War

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For Freedom

This postcard is a color picture of a winged woman standing in between ten flags. She stands on top of the earth with a wreath in one hand and an olive branch in the other. Text at bottom center: "For Freedom". On reverse: "Tuck's Post Card"; "Raphael Tuck & Sons' 'Oilette' Postcard No.3149/Art Publishers to their majesties the King & Queen."; "Copyright London"; "Printed in England"; quote from President Wilson in his address to Congress, April 2nd, 1917: "We are glad, now that we see facts with no veil of false pretence about them, to fight thus for the ultimate peace of the world, for the liberation of its people--the German peoples included--the rights of nations great and small, and the privilege of men everywhere to choose their way of life and obedience. The world must be safe."; quote from Dr. Page, American Ambassador, Plymouth, August 4th, 1917, on the Third Anniversary of the War: "The day of our supreme test is come. This Empire and the great Republic must then be the main guardians of civilization in the future."

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