The Great War

from The Man Who Saw, an electronic edition


DEATH hunts for us beneath the seas,

Death hawks at us amidst the air.

Awake, O slumberers lulled in ease !

Up and prepare!

Shall England bow her head at last,

The badge of vassalage to wear?

Awake--the hour for sleep is past;

Up and prepare!

Know you what fate on Belgium fell,

You that have wives and daughters fair ?

Shall they, too, feed the lusts of Hell ?

Up and prepare!

What sound is this that rises o'er

The squadron's tramp, the bugle's blare ?

'Tis Doom, knocking at England's door !

Up and prepare!

Arm as your sires were proud to arm,

Dare as your brothers yonder dare!

In mart and mine and forge and farm,

Up and prepare!