The Great War

from The Man Who Saw, an electronic edition


COME Australia, come New Zealand--

Canada, with heart of gold,

Come and help to keep this free land

Free for ever as of old.

Hangs her fortune in the balance,

Mighty is her foe and fierce.

Help to prune his Eagle's talons

Ere its beak her bosom pierce.

Yonder rants the lord of legions,

False of heart as you are true.

You as well, O younger regions,

He has lusted to subdue.

Not alone shall we lie cloven

If he scale our iron wall.

With our fate is Yours inwoven,

And as one we stand or fall.

Fain would he ride ruthless o'er us,

Strong in Wrong, with hoof abhorred.

Strong in Right is She that bore us--

Make her stronger with your sword.