The Great War

from The Man Who Saw, an electronic edition

Sons of Britain

SONS of her who keeps her faith unbroken,

Her who gave you might of limb and nerve,

Her whose service--be it devoutly spoken--

Perfect freedom is, for all who serve :

Her who gave you dower of iron sinew,

Her who made you strong and fleet and brave--

Give her all the manhood that is in you :

'Tis the royal gift her own hands gave.

England's safety--England's dearer honour--

Both forbid that you should halt and wait

Till the enemy be indeed upon her,

He who vaunts and flaunts him at her gate.

Heed not overmuch when she is slandered;

Yours to guard her from a Bully's blow :

Yours to rise, and rally to her standard:

Yours to arm, and face the brutal foe.

Would you sit at home, and watch and ponder,

While the warriors agonise and dare ?

Here for you is shame, but glory yonder:

Choose the glory--yea, a hero's share.

Then, though darksome be the hour, and grievous,

You shall make it great and splendid too,

And her love who bore and did conceive us

Shall for ever crown your deeds and you.