The Great War

from The Man Who Saw, an electronic edition

The Voice From the Sunset

THERE came, from out the ocean porticoes

Of that great ice-palace, Neutrality,

This far-blown word: " No difference do I see,

In aught they fight for, betwixt these and those."

O Puissance of the West! the whole world knows

Our enemy fights to bind, we fight to free.

Our aims are bared to the sun's scrutiny,

The noonday's inquest. And if these our throes

Have no divineness, then all struggles known,

AU deeds embalmed and consecrated, all

Defying of powers that manacle and enthral,

From Hellas locked with Persia to your own

First mighty strife, have been but kennel-brawl,

And hubbub of the gutter round a bone.