The Great War

from The Man Who Saw, an electronic edition

To a Would-Be Umpire

GREAT Perseus babbled not of peace, while free

To rend were still the Gorgon's talons. Nor

Did wrathful Theseus, while the Minotaur

Took his red toll of white virginity,

Crave mediation. Glaucus' son, when he

Vanquished the triple-mouthed Chimæra for

The Lycians, reined not back his furious war

Till he had felled the monster's foreheads three.

Nor shall St. George of England stay his spear

In parley, while yon ravening Shape accurst

Ramps over Life and treads down arts and laws!

To you far westward we will give an ear,

Where sage and safe you sit; but hew we first

The dragon's teeth out of the dragon's jaws.