The Great War

from The Man Who Saw, an electronic edition

The Gifts of Hindustan

THIS day do maharajah and zemindar

Show forth the Orient's most imperial mood.

Satrapies old, and kingdoms that were food

For ravening Time already in years afar,

Long ere Hydaspes' tide disdained to bar

The hosts of Alexander, bring unwooed

Their offerings, and the East forgets to brood,

And leaps to follow in tempest England's star.

For there, where first it bloomed, still wisdom flowers,

And Hindustan knows well her friends, being wise!

Hither, with smouldering empires in her eyes,

She pours unasked her tributary gold,

Pouring therewith her heart's goodwill, in showers

Richer than all Golconda an hundredfold.