The Great War

from The Man Who Saw, an electronic edition

To the German Emperor,
after the sack of Louvain

WHEREFORE are men amazed at thee, thou Blot

On the fair script of Time, thou sceptred Smear

Across the Day? Thou wert divulged full clear--

Hell's sponsor--long ago! Has earth forgot

Thy benison on a monster reeking hot

From shambles bloody as these,--thy orient peer,

Thy heart's mate, and infernal comrade dear ?

His red embrace do men remember not ?

Fall'n is thy fellow and withered from the scene:

Follow him thou ! And when the hounds of doom

Rend thee, and for thy carrion there hath been

Fit dust-heap found, and no relenting broom,

Purged be Life's palace of thy trail unclean,

And Earth made bride-sweet with returning bloom.