The Great War

from The Man Who Saw, an electronic edition

To the United States

GREAT, O majestic Nation, great is calm !

Great, when old bounds dissolve, to tower apart,

There beyond Europe's throes, and with a heart

At peace, from northern pine to southern palm.

Great, in glad harvest-time, to send the psalm

Rolling to Heaven, nor be as they who start

At mutter of far cannon : and when the Mart

Rocks to and fro delirious, great is calm.

But when a Despot, swoln with the desire

Of boundless sway, forbears not to uncage

War's wolves on shieldless youth and guardless age,

Greater, O Nation, greater then is ire!

Doff then thy placid mien : unleash thy rage,

And sear and blast him with thy lips of fire.