The Great War

from The Poems of Robert W. Sterling, an electronic edition

Gleams and Glimpses

Morning--and Early Prep.

O SEDBERGH and the Morning

And the dancing of the air;

See the crown of Winder glancing

To the sun his welcome rare!--

And we valley-folk are scorning

All the labour and the care:

For heart and feet are dancing

With the dancing of the air!

Night and Dejection

MIRROR'D light the moon doth shed,

And the sun 's remember├Ęd:

For she promises the gloom

Day arising from her tomb.

Alas! no Hope doth lighten so

The starless midnight of my woe!

On the Weather

TELL me not what again, again

We hear about the Sedbergh rain;

Yes, with a kindly frown,

Full oft on Eden send the skies,

To spangle all her greeneries,

A dower of diamonds down!

Another on the Same

'STERN nurse of men' and Nature's mother, I:

Homeward to sleep

On my hilly bosom, Thunder and Tempest fly,

And Clouds that weep!

Returning from the River Bathe

The morning music

In the heart revels fair:

The river water

Still brightly in the hair

Glistens, glistens.

Then the glad bells to Heaven

And the Mind of Man give birth:

And the song of my heart,

Hush'd music of the Earth,

Listens, oh! listens.

Evening from the Cricket Field

The grey-wing'd Evening flits adown the dale,

And shades dissolve in undetermin'd shade:

The mystic music of the scented gale

Sings the dead day: and all the objects fade,

Making their separate hues one blended whole..

Chapel and Church and Field--whatever made

Glorious the day--richly together roll

In single wealth: Sedbergh reveals her soul.

June, 1912.