The Great War

from More Songs By the Fighting Men, an electronic edition


I WAS afraid of Fear,

Not of the foe;

And when I thought that those I hold most dear

My craven soul would know

And turn away ashamed, who praised before.

Ashamed and deep distressed to find it so,

I was afraid the more.

Lo, when I joined the fight.

And bared my breast

To all the darts of that wild hellish night,

I, only, stood the test.

For Fear, which I had feared, deserted then.

And forward blithely at the foe I prest

King of myself again.


Blessed be God above

For His sweet care.

Who heard the prayers of those whom most I love

And my poor suppliance there.

Who brought me forth in life and limb all whole.

Who blessed my powers with his Divine repair.

And gave me back my soul!