The Great War

from More Songs By the Fighting Men, an electronic edition

To a Fallen Comrade

I HEARD the voice of Spring come softly pleading

Across the fresh and breathing wold to-day:

The sun, set free from cloudy bonds, was speeding

To greet the earth with each impassioned ray.

Wide-flung my casement in the cool I listened!

The birds were busy toying with a song.

And far afield where dappled grasses glistened

The meadow brook was murmuring along.

And then there came a bee with yet the numbing

Languors of the winter on its wings:

It turned to gold the quiet with its humming—

And then resumed its drowsy wanderings.

I looked upon the fields and trees and hedges

And saw before mine eyes a world reborn.

And on beyond the green world's utmost edges, .

Where Hope retreated bleeding and forlorn!

Ah! then I knew that Spring would only bring me

Blue skies and songs and flowers drenched with dew!

Ah! then I knew that Spring could never bring me

The friend I had and, having, lost in you!

April, 1917.