The Great War

from More Songs By the Fighting Men, an electronic edition

Enlisted, or The Recruits

HUMBLY, O England, we offer what is of little worth,

Just our bodies and souls and everything else we have;

But thou with thy holy cause wilt hallow our common earth,

Giving us strength in the battle—and peace, if need, in the grave.

Humble, O England, we are, for of hero-fathers we come,

Men that contested with tyrants the mightier destinies;

Philip of Spain we remember, and the ships that never went home.

And him that was caught at last, and isled in the warder seas.

Humbly, O England, we bring thee life in its folly-stained youth.

That which, it may be, has striven, but ever has slackened and tired;

The faltering, often deceived, to combat now for the Truth,

Dim-visioned, to smite for the morrow unknown but desired.

September, 1914.