The Great War

from War, The Liberator and Other Pieces, an electronic edition

The German in His Blindness

Tune--" Greenland's icy mountains "

THE German in his blindness,

He seeks his dug-out door

As soon as our trench-mortars

And guns begin to roar.

He doesn't wear equipment,

His sentries aren't about,

And then up come the Seaforths

And knock the Bosches out.

What though their roomy dug-outs

Go down for half a mile,

Where every prospect pleases

And only Bosche is vile;

Yet no one of their inmates

Has been known to survive,

An intimate acquaintance

With our old Number 5.1

So all you little Bosches,

That listen to my lay,

Stick closely to your rifles,

And clean them every day,

And every night and morning

Just fill yourselves with rum,

For you'll need all your ration

The day the Seaforths come.


1. No. 5 Mills hand grenade, a handy little bomb.