The Great War

from War: an Ode And Other Poems, an electronic edition

Love's Youth

WHEN hair of gold

Turns hair of grey;

When joys grow cold

And fade away;

Then Loves grow old,

And Loves decay.

Nay, there you miss

Love's meaning high:

Love is nor kiss

Nor lover's sigh

But inmost Bliss

That cannot die.

It is a lark!

On soaring wings,

Or day or dark

It ever sings

--O mortals hark!--

Immortal things.

It is the blood

r the Heart of God:

It brings the bud

To Aaron's rod;

And stirs the mud,

And stings the clod.

With songs unsung,

And tales untold,

With seeds unflung,

And buds unrolled,

Love will be young

Till God is old!