The Great War

from War: an Ode And Other Poems, an electronic edition


To M. S.

O DREAMS are sweet, and dreams are swift,

Divinely bright, divinely dim,

And dreams are free to dance and drift

Beyond life's round horizon-rim.

O dreams are swift, and dreams are sweet,

And dreams are dim, and dreams are bright,

Yet braver are the human feet

That labour up the mountain height.

And braver is the human heart

That dares to live its life alone,

That in a desert dwells apart,

And makes the loneliness a throne.

And bravest is the heart that strives

To kindle other hearts with song,

And make our mean discordant lives

Melodious, and free, and strong.

That makes truth fairer than our dreams,

That makes our fairest dreams come true;

Bravest is such a heart, meseems,

Lady, as beats in you.