The Great War

from War: an Ode And Other Poems, an electronic edition


(The Pacific Ocean is Supposed to Fill the Chasm Made in the Earth When the Moon Was Flung Off)

ÆONS ago, when Earth was still a star,

From his hot heart he tore the Moon away,

And flung her forth to crumble and decay

In deserts where no green oases are,--

Æons ago, but still remains the scar,

Filled with a briny ocean purple-grey;

And still the Moon's caprice the tides can sway,

And still she shines upon him from afar.

Ev'n so thine anger flung me into space,

And in the planet of thy mighty heart

Made a cold chasm for a briny sea;

Ev'n so thy tides still move in my embrace,

And tho' we are a million miles apart,

Ev'n so I still reflect the sun to thee.