The Great War

from War: an Ode And Other Poems, an electronic edition

Death's Lover

AMOROUS Lover of Death am I--

Lover! Lover!--

All that is holy, and hidden and high,

He will discover.

Lover of solemn Death am I,

Lover! Lover!

Fervent Singer of Death am I--

Singer! Singer!--

Subtile as dew, and soft as a sigh,

Comes the dream-bringer!

Singer of silent Death am I,

Singer! Singer!

Patient Wooer of Death am I--

Wooer! Wooer!--

He knows no guile, and he speaks no lie,

He treads the earth, and he wings the sky,

Dreamer and Doer,

Wooer of wonderful Death am I,

Wooer! Wooer!

Passionate Poet of Death am I--

Poet! Poet!--

Peace is his gift and by and by

He will bestow it.

Poet of beautiful Death am I,

Poet! Poet!