The Great War

from War: an Ode And Other Poems, an electronic edition

"How Little Seem the Joys and Fears"

"He has placed the world in man's heart"


"War' nicht das Auge sonnenhaft wie konnt es dann das Licht erblicken."

HOW little seem the joys and fears

We shun or chase,

How foolish seem our fevered years

Of smiles and tears,

Beside the music of the spheres

And the high harmonies of Space!

Natheless the spinning d├Ždal world,

Floats in the current of our veins;

Within our souls the stars are whirled;

We breed the planets in our brains.

From us all Being has its birth,

Of all things is our being spun;

In us are Heaven, and Hell, and Earth,

And every star, and every sun.