The Great War

from Late Songs, an electronic edition


Thou givest me greenest sanctuaries

As the birds have the trees.

The birds have the trees and I

Deep shadow and blue sky,

A well of waters, a palm tree,

A bird and a bee.

As though I were Thine only one

Thou makest for me alone

A hearth-fire in the wintry cold,

A walled city, a sweet fold,

A winged sentinel to tell

To the night: All's well!

Thou spreadest over me and mine

The night a-shine

With strange and wonderful eyes of stars;

And weary of the day's wars

Into the nest of love we creep

And lie asleep.

Hearts are Thy sanctuaries: Thou hast set

Wide open a heart's gate

Where I come in and am at rest,

A bed for my heart, a nest,

Sure comfort, surplusage of love.

Thou givest enough!

Woods are Thy sanctuaries and all

Dear gardens musical,

And fields and groves where it may be

Thine angel walks with me.

Thine angel! Nay, but Thou dost walk

With me and talk.