The Great War

from Late Songs, an electronic edition

After Years

I give God glory and grace

I am come home again

To the delightsome ways

And the wild soft rain.

Lights on the hill and plain

As in remembered days.

Now I am home again,

I give great praise.

When I awake at dawn,

I hear the birdies sing;

Deep dews in field and lawn,

The mountains in a ring;

Life an enchanted thing,

The hour grey as a fawn;

I whisper thanksgiving

When I awake at dawn.

I seek no more the town,

Ah, wherefore should I go?

Hills to the sea look down,

The rivers softly flow.

With friends of long ago

Life has a golden crown,

In fields I used to know,

And meadows grey and brown.

And if the night be chill,

Of fuel I have great store;

We heap the fire until

The faggots leap and roar.

All my beloveds of yore

Of talk shall take their fill

Till the grey dawn's at the door

And the grey wind at the sill.