The Great War

from Songs & Sonnets for England in War Time, an electronic edition

Not for passion or for power,

Clean of hands, and calm of soul,

England at this awful hour

Bids her battle-thunders roll,

That crown'd arrogance may quail

And brute-force be backward hurled --

Lest the hypocrite prevail,

Lest a lie should win the world;

Lest she see the trustful weak

Trampled by the perjured strong --

That her arm may help to wreak

Justice on red-handed wrong,

Till the hierophants of fear

Cease, beneath the darkened sun,

To boom out in Europe's ear

The grim gospel of the gun.

So, to meet yon myriad host

As we muster, land by land,

Witness Heaven -- no braggart boast --

That for righteousness we stand!

In the dread impending hour

Heedful of that warning word,

"'Not by might, and not by power --

By my Spirit,' saith the Lord."

Times, August 21, 1914