The Great War

from Songs & Sonnets for England in War Time, an electronic edition

Roll Up!

"Roll up the map of Europe!"

The German Kaiser cried,

"For I'm the new Napoleon,

An' England's 'ands are tied."

But another sort o' rollin' up

Is comin' into play --

"Roll up! Roll up!" sez Kitchener,

An' we're rollin' up all day.

'E thought, did Kaiser William,

That England would stand by,

While 'e an' 'is five million

Were crushin' 'er ally.

"For they 'aven't got the men," 'e said,

"To fight acrost the seas."

"Roll up! Roll up!" sez Kitchener,

"New Army, forward, please!"

Yes, 'e wants a Second Army --

'E's goin' to get it, too;

For we know the man that calls us,

An' we trust 'im thro' and thro'.

If K. should need a million men,

'E's only got to say --

"Roll up for King and Country!"

An' they'll roll up right away.

An' while we do our part 'ere,

We'll think with love an' pride

Of our comrades now a-rallyin'

Acrost the oceans wide.

For East an' West an' furthest South

They hear K.'s call resound --

"Roll up! Roll up for England!"

An' they're rollin' up all round.

Pall Mall Gazette, August 20, 1914