The Great War

from Songs & Sonnets for England in War Time, an electronic edition

A Prayer for Peace

Nearer the eagles swoop in darkening rings,

Death scents his awful quarry from afar,

While men in millions march to bloody war

Hateless, unhated, at the word of Kings:

But somewhere hid beneath His secret wings

The sons of God, before a juster bar,

Plead in His name who bore the cross and scar

For Love that sees clear-eyed what war-lust brings.

Plead on ye seers with love-enlightened eyes,

Hold up your hands to where the angels gaze

With deep compassion on our human strife;

Prayer moves the world with power beyond amaze,

And they who look beyond this mortal life

Know Peace on earth in Heaven hath great allies.

Westminster Gazette, August 4, 1914