The Great War

from War Daubs: Poems, an electronic edition

The Architect at Suzanne

We met a strange old man to-day

(As we strolled in the ruined place)

And he smiled to us as we came his way,

With gentle, wistful grace.

' Ah ! Messieurs, it is very sad'

(And he waved at the ruined place),

' I scheme and plan--but it is bad--

(And there was something in his face).

'I am very, very sad to-day'

(And his frail hand touched his brow).

'My dear wife died just yesterday:

Ah! all things are ruined now!'

' This week at Bray I scheme and plan'

(And a strange smile quietly came),

' But next week I must go to Suzanne:

Suzanne? ah! that was her name!'