The Great War

from The Holy War, an electronic edition

New Heaven

To Sir William Haldane

Paradise now has many a Knight,

Many a lordkin, many lords.

Glimmer of armour, dinted and bright,

The young Knights have put on new swords.

Some have barely the down on the lip,

Smiling yet from the new-won spurs,

Their wounds are rubies, glowing and deep,

Their scars amethyst -- glorious scars.

Michael's army hath many new men,

Gravest Knights that may sit in stall,

Kings and Captains, a shining train,

But the little young Knights are dearest of all.

Paradise now is the soldiers' land,

Their own country its shining sod,

Comrades all in a merry band;

And the young Knights' laughter pleaseth God.