The Great War

from Herb o' Grace, an electronic edition


Blues and greens are my delight

Set in garlands of the white.

When God made the violet

He made nothing better yet.

Lilac and the lavender

Fit for queens of Heaven to wear.

Many russets and the rose,

God be praised for these and those!

For the silvers and the greys

Likewise ye shall give Him praise.

Scarlet is a King's colour

That the King of Kings once wore.

Yet when everything is said,

Bring me neither rose nor red.

Give me blue and green below,

Apple bloom and cherry snow.

Blue forget-me-nots beneath

Pear and plum-bloom in a wreath.

Or wild hyacinths in a glade --

Nothing better God has made.

Blues and greens and a white bough

Turn the earth to Heaven now.