The Great War

from Herb o' Grace, an electronic edition

The Refreshment

If I could have foreseen this hour,

What terror and anguish I had seen!

And not this time of joy at flower,

Cool waters and a garden green.

All day the battle in the East

Thunders. Dear Angels, keep him well!

His mother sits as to a feast.

O heart of steel invulnerable!

All night I sleep the young child's sleep

And waken to the robin's song,

Blithe as the bird. Dear Angels, keep

My darling the sharp spears among.

Ah now, I know whose Arms enfold,

I rest on such a mighty Heart;

He hides my eyes lest they behold,

In a most heavenly place apart.

Lord, if this ease be but a lull

Ere the deep seas are over my head,

I shall have had, O Beautiful!

This hour joy-filled and comforted.