The Great War

from Herb o' Grace, an electronic edition

The Vision

(Katia: Easter Sunday, 1916)

She had a vision in the dark

Ere the first lark from nest took flight;

She saw her own son from fierce strife

Win to new Life and new Delight.

The clouds were tattered round his head

As sore bested he fought his foe,

Where in the conflict he was ta'en

And slain -- she did not see it so.

She saw indeed his bitter case

In that sad place, parched, without shade,

And how her Christian Knight must fall

In Paynim thrall, should Heaven not aid.

But now what light burns in the cloud?

What voices loud against his ear?

St. Andrew and St. Patrick ride

Close by his side; St. George is near.

His banner floats upon the breeze,

Like a gold fleece it wraps him round --

So, cap-à-pie from head to knee,

His enemy he strikes to ground.

He's won the day, he's won the day!

See the light play upon his brow!

Brave in his armour and upright

The Christian Knight is riding now.

She had that vision of her son

When by the moon asleep she lay --

And woke to singing birds and dew,

And knew that it was Easter Day.