The Great War

from Great Poems of the World War, an electronic edition

The Present Battle-Field

THE war is over, over there,

And Peace made her bow--

But the Battle of Verdun is on

At Jenkins' Corners now!.

All's still along the rippling Somme,

Likewise at Belleau Wood--

But the Jenkins' Corners Battle now

Is merely going good!

Now beaten into plowshares are

The swords once dripping wet

With human gore--but Heinies fall

At Jenkins' Corners yet!

The smoke of cannon floats away

In France, a fading cloud--

But the war at Jenkins' Corners is

Attracting quite a crowd!

Pop Snider had a navvy there,

And old Zeke Wade a son,

And since the boys are home again,

They've waded in like fun.

The checker--board is moved away,

A gas-mask takes its place;

The floor is neatly sanded, so

The campaign they may trace.

Pop Snider knows what he'd have done,

And Zekiel has his say

On where they made the great mistake

And nearly lost the day.

They fight it o'er from A to Z,

And slay full many a Hun--

For out at Jenkins' Corners now

The war is just begun!