The Great War

from Great Poems of the World War, an electronic edition

Somewhere in France

SHE stands alone beside the gate,

Where oft with him she stood before,

And seems to hear his voice relate

Life's sweetest story o'er and o'er;

A hand she feels upon her own,

Unconsciously a tender glance

She gives, then starts and stands alone,

The lover sleeps--Somewhere in France.

She could have kept him if she would--

His heart and soul were all her own--

But true love knew and understood

That Honor is its own true throne;

She heard the bugles' blaring sound

And whispered--"Go and take your chance."

There 'mid the scenes of war he found

Eternal peace--Somewhere in France.

She knows not where that spot may be--

On barren plain, in hidden dell,

On wooded hill, beside the sea--

The lips that would will never tell;

She knows not what his last words were.

The thoughts that come with Death's advance,

And yet, she feels they were of her,

Those last fond thoughts--Somewhere in France.