The Great War

from Great Poems of the World War, an electronic edition

A Hymn of Freedom

UNFURL the flag of Freedom,

Fling far the bugle blast!

There comes a sound of marching

From out the mighty past.

Let every peak and valley

Take up the valiant cry:

Where, beautiful as morning,

Our banner cuts the sky.

Free born to peace and justice,

We stand to guard and save

The liberty of manhood,

The faith our fathers gave.

Then soar aloft, Old Glory,

And tell the waiting breeze

No law but Right and Mercy

Shall rule the Seven Seas.

No hate is in our anger,

No vengeance in 'our wrath,

We hold the line of freedom

Across the tyrant's path.

Where'er oppression vaunteth

We loose the sword once more

To stay the feet of conquest,

And pray an end of war