The Great War

from Great Poems of the World War, an electronic edition

Watchin' Out For Subs

Bosun's whistle piping, "Starboard watch is on"

Sleepy army officer, waked at crack o' dawn;

In the forward crow's nest, watchin' out for subs;

If they show a peeper, shoot the bloomin' tubs.

Ocean black and shiny, silly little moon;

Transports fore and aft of us--daylight comin' soon;

Sleeping troopers sprawling on the deck below;

Something in the water makes the spindrift glow.

In the forward crow's nest--ah! the day is here!

Transports and destroyers looming far and near.

Ours the great adventure--gone is old romance

Wake, ye new Crusaders! Look!--the shores of France!