The Great War

from A Treasury of War Poetry, an electronic edition

Guns of Verdun

Guns of Verdun point to Metz

From the plated parapets;

Guns of Metz grin back again

O'er the fields of fair Lorraine.

Guns of Metz are long and grey,

Growling through a summer day;

Guns of Verdun, grey and long,

Boom an echo of their song.

Guns of Metz to Verdun roar,

"Sisters, you shall foot the score;"

Guns of Verdun say to Metz,

"Fear not, for we pay our debts."

Guns of Metz they grumble, "When?"

Guns of Verdun answer then,

"Sisters, when to guard Lorraine

Gunners lay you East again!"