The Great War

from A Calendar of Verse, an electronic edition

The Road to France

Thank God, our liberating lance

Goes flaming on the way to France!

To France -- with every race and breed

That hates Oppression's brutal creed!

At last, thank God! At last, we see

There is no tribal Liberty!

No beacon lighting just our shores,

No Freedom guarding but our doors.

The flame she kindled for our sires

Burns now in Europe's battle-fires.

The soul that led our fathers west

Turns back to free the world's opprest.

Allies, you have not called in vain;

We share your conflict and your pain.

"Old Glory" through new stains and rents,

Partakes of Freedom's sacraments.

Into that hell his will creates

We drive the foe -- his lusts -- his hates.

Last come, we will be last to stay,

Till right has had her crowning day.

Replenish, comrades, from our veins

The blood, the sword of despot drains

And make our eager sacrifice

Part of the freely rendered price

You pay to lift humanity --

You pay to make our brothers free.

See, with what proud hearts we advance

To France!