The Great War

from A Calendar of Verse, an electronic edition


(The Peace of God)

Brothers, believe this truth; that whoso prays

As prayed the Master; whoso fashions his heart

By wonder and worship and immortal dreams

To a gift meet for Godhead; whoso yearns

To lose his self in Self's infinitude --

The pure Shechinah in his soul shall dwell

As in the Master's. And every man on earth

May live as he, wrapt in the Spirit Divine,

The Fatherhood whose sons are all that love;

And, living so, shall year by happy year,

And life by life, and light by mystic light,

Up to the mount of self's last Calvary,

Know that which passeth understanding -- Peace!

Vast, palpitating, breathed and breathing -- Peace!

Hate wrong! Slay wrong! else mercy, justice, truth,

Freedom and faith, shall die for humankind --

Slay! that His Law may live! But, having slain,

O seek the quiet places in your souls,

The lonely shore of your Gennesaret,

Your Mount of Olives, your Gethsemane,

Where waits the Peace of God.