The Great War

from A Calendar of Verse, an electronic edition

America Resurgent

She is risen from the dead!

Loose the tongue and lift the head;

Let the sons of light rejoice.

She has heard the challenge clear;

She has answered, "I am here";

She has made the stainless choice.

Bound with iron and with gold --

But her limbs they could not hold

When the word of words was spoken;

Freedom calls --

The prison walls

Tumble, and the bolts are broken!

Hail her! She is ours again --

Hope and heart of harassed men

And the tyrants' doom and terror.

Send abroad the old alarms;

Call to arms, to arms, to arms

Hands of doubt and feet of error!

Cheer her! She is free at last,

With her back upon the past,

With her feet upon the bars.

Hosts of freedom sorely prest,

Lo, a light is in the west

And a helmet full of stars!