The Great War

from More Songs By the Fighting Men, an electronic edition

The Wind in the Trees

WIND! Wind! what do you bring

With the whirling flake and the flying


A victor's bays and a song to sing?

>—Nay, but a hero's shroud!

Wild wind! what do you bear—

A song of the men who fought and fell,

A tale of the strong to do and dare?

—Aye, and a tolling bell!

Wind! wind! what do you see—

The flying flags and the soldiers brave,

The marching men, the bold and free?

—Nay, but a new-dug grave!

Wild wind! what do you moan

To the frosty night and the cloud-wracked sky?

—A soldier's cross, a father's groan.

And a mother's hopeless cry!