The Great War

from More Songs By the Fighting Men, an electronic edition


THE world went blind to-day

Groping with shattered faith.

And in the lonely awful night

Madness stalked, taunting me.

The gibbering ghoulish wraith

Of dreams unrealised

Sprang up and mocked my way;

Just that in one wild spot beyond the sea,

A dear heart that I prized

Passed to the Silent Light.

They say his soul lives on—

That I shall find

Him safe in God's eternity.

To-night, to-night, this aching in my breast,

This wildness in my mind

Cries to the farthest cruel star:—

"O Thou to Whom his soul has gone,

Spare me his lips love-prest!

In this pained night eternity is far—

God! give his dear warm body back to me."