The Great War

from Songs & Sonnets for England in War Time, an electronic edition

Ghosts at Boulogne

One dreamer, when our English soldiers trod

But yesterday the welcoming fields of France,

Saw war-gaunt shadows gathering stare askance

Upon those levies and that alien sod --

Saw Churchill's smile, and Wellington's curt nod

Saw Harry with his Crispins, Chandos' lance

And the Edwards on whose breasts the leopards dance:

Then heard a gust of ghostly thanks to God

That the most famous quarrel of all time

In the most famous friendship ends at last;

Such flame of friendship as God fans to forge

A sword to strike the Dragon of the Slime,

Bidding St. Denis with St. George stand fast

Against the Worm. St. Denis and St. George!

Daily Chronicle, August 30, 1914